Dog Leash

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Dog Leash is one of the important tools. You have to use it to train your puppy. To tell him ethics and manners, to control him and to keep him under your supervision. In most states, dog leash is a must, as it is the part of the law. From another point of view, leashes are important for your pet’s safety, especially when you need to track your dog. Here you can chose few ways:
-Dog leash

-Dog tracker

-Wireless dog fence

Dog camera

Leashes also give your control over your dog.

There is a lot of variety in the market. You may face problem to choose which one is the best. In this article, our focus is to guide you ?how to choose a dog leash??

What is Dog Leash?

The leash is a rope or similar material which is used to control the animal. Some leashes have collars while others directly go around the neck. Many states of the USA has passed the law about lashes. In public places, your animal/pet must be under your control and lashes make it possible.

Popular Types of Dog Leashes

  • Double Dog Leash.
  • Flexi Dog Leash.
  • Long Dog Leash.
  • Invisible Dog Leash.
  • Chain Leash.
  • Seat belt Safety Leash.

Double Dog Leash

Double dog leash is for those who have more than one dog. It contains two collars with a single rope.

Your question might be something like, why to use double dog leash if you can use a single leash for each?

In the answer, I can say that double dog leash gives better command over both and for your own ease. Sometimes, walking along with your pets with single leash for each, both leashes may be twisted with each other. As a result, your pets may start to fight with each other and you can face problem to control them in public places.

Flexi Dog Leash

The origin of the leash is Germany. This country not only introduced a Flexi leash but also a leading seller in 90 countries around the globe.

What is Flexi Leash?

Flexi leash is just like other leashes but has an extra quality. You pet/dog will be able to pull it ahead up to 20 feet due to its elastic quality.

So what do you think, are such leashes good or bad? It depends! I am not supporting any side but tell you some pros and cons then you have to decide yourself.

A Flexi Leash is a Good Option. Why?

One type of people thinks that your dog is not only a pet. He is a family member. So, to give him freedom, they choose Flexi leash. I really support such a great idea. We must have to provide our pets freedom.

A Flexi Leash is a Bad Option. Why?

On the other hand, Another group of people thinks that Flexi leash reduces your command over the dog. If the leash has a property of elasticity and can 20 feet away then it will be really hard to control the pet. Now you can decide whether it is good for your pet or not.

Confused? OK let me help you a bit more to decide whether it is good for your pet or not.

  • Never use it for untrained dogs.
  • Never use it in public places.
  • Give your pet freedom ? Use it in your home, lawn or such a place where the dog will be still bounded and other people will also be safe. Have you got it now? Surely yes.

Long Dog Leash

The normal length of a dog leash is 6 feet. The longer leashes can be referred to as a long dog leash. It is usually made of nylon but also available in rope and leather material.

Long leashes are useful during a dog’s training period. From another point of view, it gives a taste of freedom. But using a long leash in crowded areas will never be a good idea, also don?t use it if your pet pulls.

Invisible Dog Leash

Invisible dog leash is just a toy who comes up first time from novelty item of 1972. Its credit goes to Sir David Walker. Invisible dog (or no-dog) contains a rigid leash which is attached with a dog harness. This idea got so much popularity and a huge number of people were noticed with invisible dog leashes in the states of the USA.