Avast 2020 Review: Can Avast be Trusted?

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The Avast Free Antivirus combines a highly effective anti-malware engine with a rich set of additional functions. Solutions provided by Avast have their trust for more than 400 million users all over the world. Still, people choosing their first antivirus frequently ask: can Avast be trusted?

This article will tell you about Avast advantages of both free and premium solutions, and of course answer that critical question.

Why Avast is So Popular

Avast Free Antivirus offers more possibilities than some competitors provide only in their premium solutions. The product includes the network safety scanner, password manager, browser protection and other functions. It is an excellent set of safety instruments, especially when you understand that it’s available for free.

Avast Free Antivirus offers a well-estimated protection that passed through multiple laboratory tests and confirmed its effectiveness in proprietary testing by PCMag. When speaking of additional functions, the free product really offers much more than the most part of competitors does. Of course, some bonus options are available only for money, but it’s your call whether or not you need them.

The paid version of Avast, Premium Security, is also different from those of most competitors. Sometimes it is worth the money, in other cases it is doubtful.

Its undisputed plus is the exclusive flexibility and customizability that begins right from the installation process. Unlike other antiviruses, Avast lets the user choose which of over 20 functions they would like to install and use.

Avast was successful in our protection tests. We performed several attacks to check if they can shut it down, including file deletion, service and process shutdowns, and many more, but Premium Security kept protecting the system without any issues even under the extreme pressure.

Avast Premium Security has a clean and comfortable interface, making it easy to use even despite its complexity and integrity.  

Other functions of the package, such as virus scanning, network check, AutoSandbox, firewall, etc. are united into three panels: protection, confidentiality and performance.

Avast Premium Security is a nice pack with wide possibilities to provide security and privacy. Of course, there are products that are faster, or more precise, or cheaper, but none of them has equal integrity and complexity to that of Avast.

Avast Ultimate is the complete, elite service pack by the company. It is assembled basing on Avast Premium Security with three additional options: Avast SecureLine VPN, the premium password manager, and the PC cleaning utility.

The VPN is definitely the top point here. For instance, buying a NordVPN yearly subscription can cost you up to 84 dollars. Taking that into account, a hundred bucks to pay for the VPN along with the complete pack of safety utilities seems to be a nice offer. 

Can I Trust Avast?

Some time ago, Avast stood in the epicenter of a scandal. The fact that the company had been selling the private information of clients stroke the reputation of their software, and people started asking reasonable questions. Still, at this moment, Avast officially stopped all the services connected with personal data sales, and apologized for that issue.

So, currently Avast is a reliable antivirus solution.