Best Free VPN For Torrenting

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VPN for PC for torrents

For many users, the problem of access to torrent trackers is especially acute. Supervisors in many countries are trying to combat the spread of illegal content through torrent trackers by blocking access to them using Internet providers.

There is a lot of copyright content on torrent trackers, which is very difficult to find elsewhere, and the principle of operation of torrent networks is very convenient for end-users. Using best free VPN for torrenting, sites will always be available, and any user will be able to access them.

Access mechanism to torrent networks via VPN

VPN for PC is used to enter the tracker website and download the .torrent file. To download the file itself through the client, an insecure connection is used.


  • Any free VPN client is enough. Only web traffic is used, its consumption is very small.
  • Neither copyright holders nor government agencies can block the process of downloading a file – the p2p network technology uses users’ IP addresses.
  • It is impossible to track the fact of a user downloading a .torrent file or magnet link


  • In the P2P client, when downloading content, the real IP address is easy to track – it is stored in an unprotected form. All logs are stored by the provider, there is no question of any security or anonymity VPN (hidemyname)

The company is registered in South America, in Belize. Therefore, there is no question of any submission to foreign laws. This allows the service to exist for so long, protecting users’ data from any actions of the authorities or law enforcement agencies.

When using WiFi networks with restrictions or traffic filtering, services such as Hideme allow you to bypass restrictions and view your favorite sites and shows.

Openvpn. A client with flexible settings, to use it you need to download a network profile file. To do this, you need to independently find free VPN servers with torrent traffic allowed on the Internet.

VPN Monster. Key features VPN Monster for PC:

  • Unlimited traffic at any tariffs.
  • Allowed torrent traffic.
  • No logs – it is impossible to track user actions.
  • The company is registered in offshore and is free from any laws and actions of the authorities.
  • Each purchased license (including a free one) allows you to connect up to six devices simultaneously.
  • Two serial OpenVPN servers are used to connect.
  • Guaranteed refund within 7 days.

As you can see, there are many options for choosing the best free VPN for torrenting. You can also choose the best and proven programs with premium subscriptions, which not only do not limit the download of your favorite files but also provide enhanced data protection and encryption.