Whoer VPN review

In this article, we will consider the main purposes of using VPN services and review the key points of the Whoer VPN.

Why do you need a VPN?

Internet technologies are evolving very fast, and modern users have a lot of different tools and services. Everything is designed for comfortable networking, complete anonymity, and security. VPN service is a great example of such a tool.

First, you need to understand the term, despite its popularity; many do not know what it is. VPN is a special technology that provides a secure communication channel when connected to any network with the Internet. So, computers are connected to a single network and use point-to-point (or PC-PC) connections.

If you delve into the topic, the connection is called a VPN tunnel. You can connect to it from any computer, regardless of the operating system. If you explain in a language understandable to beginners, then before going online, another, secure network is used, which provides a lot of benefits.

The VPN server is connected for various purposes, except that technology is used at collective work (in virtual offices), VPN connections are used for:

  • anonymous internet access;
  • downloads if the IP is in another regional zone;
  • safe work within the corporate network;
  • simplified connection;
  • providing high speed;
  • reducing the number of failures;
  • creating secure channels.

What about Whoer VPN?

Whoer VPN is an online service that checks information transmitted by a computer. It can be used to check proxy servers, activate VPN, check for IP addresses in blacklists, and much more.

The main advantage of the site can be considered verification using Java, WebRTC, and Flash, which helps to find weaknesses in your system and find out what “superfluous” third-party resources can learn about you through them.

It also provides access to portals like Netflix, Hulu, BBC. The software is available in a desktop format for Windows and iOS, as well as a plug-in for browsers. The service follows the policy of refusing to save user logs: even the statistics of connections and transmitted traffic are not recorded.

Each check page provides for a transition from the light version of the site to the full version and back. The service conducts an in-depth analysis of your VPN and, alternatively, offers to use its own. At the same time, you can get a trial version absolutely free of charge, and only after checking in practice you make the final decision on the purchase. VPN from Whoer.net will provide high security of money transactions over the Internet and security when using public networks.

The project is being actively developed not only by the team, but also by the community of VPN enthusiasts, and therefore updates are released frequently. The technical support of the service responds to requests and helps.


The online service will analyze your socks and proxy servers. It will set up your IP address in blacklists, show which browser you use, which region you are in, which plugins you currently have enabled.

In addition, you have access to the service of obtaining information about the system capabilities of your computer, its language settings, and the installed OS. The service has an interesting selection of fresh articles and the latest news in the field of cybersecurity and modern computer technologies in the corresponding section.