Is VPN for Android Useful?

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Internet privacy is a global concern. Questions that are often raised in regards to online privacy include: how much privacy do internet users need, Can users secure their privacy online and how private can they be. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) answers most of these questions.

Privacy and secureness

A VPN helps to keep a user’s online activity private and secure. It encrypts traffic so that nobody else can read it, not even hackers or Internet Service Providers. It also masks the user’s IP address by sending their traffic through secure servers. Generally, people don’t think of Android devices when thinking about VPN, but they should. Why use vpn on Android? VPN is not for computers and laptops only-it should also be used on iOS or Android tablet/smartphone, one of the bes way to get vpn – check reviews. One of the most popular is avast vpn review.

Public Spots

Public WIFI spots in hotel lobbies and local coffee shops, as convenient as they are, are insecure when it comes to cybersecurity. Most of them have no encryption-even at network access level. It becomes relatively easy for hackers to intercept data and access information on a person’s phone such as their Facebook passwords, browsing history or even their credit card numbers. Therefore, data is not usually secure over public networks whether its browsing or sending documents to colleagues or friends through the phone. This makes it important to use VPN on your phone since it has end-to-end encryption that makes it difficult for hackers to decipher it.


A VPN also disguises your location, making it difficult for hackers to know your exact location and monitor your online activity. VPNs also help in unlocking restricted content online. Content on platforms such as Netflix,The Wall Street Journal and Youtube is usually restricted to certain geographical areas. VPN enables one to unlock such content by connecting to a server in the area where it’s accessible. For example if you are in Africa, you can select a server in the US or Europe and access it.